When to call


…When you’re wanting to talk with a compassionate, neutral adult who is also a parent that will listen without judgment.

…When you predict your next move might cause more harm than restore calm or there is regret and you want to be heard to go back and repair!!

…When you notice you are seeing only the part of your children that stimulate unpleasant feelings!!

…When you want to celebrate how you have gracefully navigated that particular conversation or want to share the joy of connection and compassion!!

We would love to see Compassion4parents become a reliable resource for supporting you in the up’s and down’s of your parenting journey. Please let us know if you find yourself wanting to call outside of the above times because our goal is to be available to you as much as possible. Feedback on other times you would like to be able to reach us would enrich our capacity to support you.

To allow for more people to reach out, we are limiting the time of each call to 30 minutes.  It is our experience this is enough time to return to a sense of calm and self-connection; inviting us back to choice and perspective.  If it becomes obvious more time is needed, we will explore together what is possible in order for you to have the support you are looking for.

When you call and our Staff person is on the phone with another parent, you may consider doing this Self Awareness Process on your own.  Then try us again.