The calls are free for ease, companionship, and accessibility.  Compassion4parents do not charge for the time we spend connecting on the phone.  So please pick up the phone; be heard and be received.

We often feel there is no choice when it comes to paying for goods and services.  There is this belief: If I want this, it cost this much, and I must pay this much!

Donation-Request[1]In this parenting community, we would like you to make a conscious deliberate choice in showing your appreciation for our service.  If you have been supported or would like to join others who want to participate in creating more of this, then consider donating an amount that is comfortable and meaningful for you.

We invite you to pay special attention to your needs when making a donation: integrity, authenticity, equity, value you place on this service, and a financial contribution aligned with your willingness for the sustainability of this work and your livelihood.

And our needs:  contribution to your well-being, support for your learning and growth, and our financial sustainability.

If you are joyfully moved to do so, please consider making a donation of any amount.

Some non-financial contributions to consider are:

  1. Ideas on how we can spread this service.
  2. Places we can present an introduction to NVC in person or online.
  3. Giving us feedback on quality of this phone service.
  4. Emailing us with ideas not listed here.