Genevieve Keller


My vision:  A world where love, trust and compassion are the uniting principles of all relationships.

My contribution:  Helping women who are wanting more fulfillment to hear their own wisdom and discover infinite possibilities.

Trusting the power of empathic coaching, insights of the Enneagram, and a deep longing to serve.

Contact me for a free 30 minutes exploration/coaching session to find out how you can create more meaning, flow and joy in your life!

Mother of three sons, now teenagers, I have been practicing Non-Violent Communication for 6 years and I am harvesting the benefits of parenting with deep listening, empathy and trust.

Candidate trainer with the Center of Non-Violent Communication, my joy is sharing practical tools to create solid and joyful connections and to empower parents to live their values of support and love.

Graduate from the Empathic Livelihood coaching program, I am also helping women transition from motherhood back to focusing on their own purpose and meaning.


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