Our team

We are three mothers, NVC practitioners for 7+ years, and each in our family facing the challenges of parenting.

As we support one another and deepen our NVC practice, we watch the transformations in our families from sibling rivalry to dialogue, from resentment to understanding, and from isolation to connection.

It all starts from being simply, gently heard, allowing self connection and self compassion, thus creating the wholeheartedness that can transform relationships.

Now our children are teenagers, ready to fly on their own. The trust and connection between us is strong and deep. And, because that quality of connection is very precious, we continuously attend to it, by supporting one another regularly, just as much as we want to support you!!

The three of us are based on the west coast.  We invite you to learn more about what we individually do and offer by visiting our websites.

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Genevieve Keller           Marcia Christen            Marina Barnes

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